Rome wasn’t built in a day

Dear Friends,

Leaving 2020 in the rear-view mirror and looking forward into 2021 we see and believe in opportunity.

We recognize the fact that every crisis in history has been an opportune moment for wealth creation and building one’s legacy.

Reflection on the past 12 months has reinforced our philosophy of  “thinking as Entrepreneurs and acting as Partners” together with our clients. Through the effects of the global context on our clients, their family lives and business endeavours, we can affirm with pride, it has been a year of stewardship, resilience, and of the agility to adapt.

Whilst the circumstances of the pandemic were out of our control, it is important to remember that our response and reactions to it are not.

In the short time since our founding in 2020, together with our ecosystem of partners, we have created impactful solutions within the 5 pillars of our expertise; serving as robust foundational building blocks upon which our clients develop their futures. As such, a few examples of how we delivered for some of you:

  • We created a comprehensive analysis and delivered a technical KYC report for traders in pharmaceutical goods between Europe and Russia/CIS to be presented to cross border regulatory authorities as well as introducing new banking service providers.
  • Developed payments solutions for a Leading Turkish EMI to expand into UK, Europe and Asia.
  • And we have signed strategic and fundraising contracts, ongoing, with a variety of clients globally.
    More information can be found on our website’s clients and solutions pages.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every minute”

We are confident now is the time to look ahead and build further on these foundations. Laying the first brick is what gets you started. If you have not yet begun your process of learning from the most crucial lessons of 2020, because you are unsure where to start, we invite you to have a conversation about your objectives, ideas and how to implement them.

Globally we wish for 2021 to bring more international cohesion, stability, a de-escalation of the pandemic and most importantly an efficient and well-managed vaccine roll-out.

We thank our clients and partners for their trust and on-going support, which we treat as our most valuable asset, lasting commitment and our “reason to d’etre”

Michael Atzmon
Founding Partner



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