WIZZIT Digital has developed a unique technology that enables any mobile device (smart phone or tablet) to have the functionality of a traditional POS (Point of Sale) device. Using a credit or debit card the consumer merely taps the card to the phone, enters PIN if required, and pays. This is applicable for in shop merchant transaction thereby creating access globally to approx. 130Mln micro & for e-commerce online transactions, making is card present transactions and securing transactions for online sales that are calculated to lose about $130Bln in revenue on fraudulent card-not-present transactions by 2023.

TRIA Advisory has a capital raising mandate.

Capricorn Partners is an independent asset manager, with more than €600Mln AUM, of private and quoted equity funds that invest in companies with technology as a competitive advantage.

Their latest fund Capricorn Fusion Partners China Fund, “CFCF”, has launched with Helen Group as a corner stone investor and aims to raise €75Mln. The Capricorn Fusion China Fund aims to deploy smart capital for successful entrepreneurs wishing to scale up their European business in China. Vice versa, the fund also wishes to invest in successful Chinese entrepreneurs scaling up their business in Europe.

TRIA Advisory has a fundraising mandate for CFCF.

LA TRADING is an international supplier of specialized biochemical and pharma products. They supply a variety of products and innovative services to customers around the world with a focus on Eastern Europe.

TRIA Advisory is charged with executing a client KYC Intelligence and research report.

Helios Strategia provides complete services, from installation to profitable operation of solar power plants, by delivering EPC-contracts. Their team has the necessary expertise and experience to manage turnkey range of complex projects. The company has especially developed experience which allows it to adapt to any environment, building and managing construction sites in the most remote places around the world, even under the severe conditions of the Arctic Circle or the heat of the African sun.

TRIA Advisory is mandated with Conflict Resolution, Lobbying and KYC Intelligence and Research on behalf of the Founders of the company.

Pitchdrive is redefining the way early-stage businesses take off by advancing the development process with data-driven analysis. By combining their entrepreneurial partner delivering expertise coupled with a data driven growth and investment analysis they provide a unique and scalable service for both founders and investors.

Tria Advisory is advising Pitchdrive in their international legal, fund and corporate structuring.

SiPay, is a dynamic EMI and Payment Processor in Turkey with an innovative perspective in the field of payment systems. Combining digital wallet infrastructure, card and card-less payments, bank transfers and other alternative solutions under one roof, the company offers 360-degree payment solutions through its growing platform. The experienced management team with a global vision, coupled to a sustained investment in R&D, focusses on developing easy-to-use, reliable, fast solutions and highly secure options to both end users and merchant businesses.

TRIA Advisory is advising the Company on strategic growth and developing payment solutions internationally.

Reserve Currency Solutions, is a group dedicated to developing stable digital currency solutions with a focus  on currency backed coin issuance strategies geared towards global communities. GlobCoin, part of RCS. has launched its first stable coin in 2018 called GLX and is creating through its ecosystem a platform to promote and strengthen community use cases.

Tria Advisory is consulting on general strategy and business development as well building partnerships with crucial infrastructure service providers in the banking and payments industry.

UK company Far East Antimony Ltd is developing an Antimony mine in the far east of Russia, Chita region, next to the Chinese border. This mine is very high grade with the potential to become one of the world’s important producers of Antimony. With a strong management team in place led by Peter (Lord) Daresbury and Jocelyn Waller, having great credentials with decades of experience in mining and expertise in Russia as well.  The price of antimony is strong and should rise in the future due to high demand and a lack of supply. The investment is a high dividend play as the mine has a short life span of 7y but will be generating high cash flows throughout.

TRIA Advisory has a capital raising mandate.

Linda Hotel Marbella is a brand new design boutique hotel in the old town of Marbella. One of our private investors bought an old hotel property to renovate entirely and reinvent it into a successful contemporary business. The hotel is opening its doors this spring 2021 to kick-off the post-COVID19 travel influx into Marbella. The property has 12 stylish hotel rooms, a rooftop lounge with scenic views and trendy lobby café.

TRIA Advisory supported the client at every step of this process including licensing, renovations, interior design, business strategy, operations and roll-out.